Basic email marketing tips

Email marketing is a powerful tool that every business large or small should consider using.

There are however some key tips and tricks to running an effective email marketing campaign, some of which are detailed below:

Signup Permission

There are numerous laws that govern the use of email communications, and these laws change from country to country. Essentially though, if you have not been given permission to send email marketing communications to a recipient then you are classed as a spammer.

As such ensure that rather than purchasing email lists and emailing random contacts you should instead consider building a list via a signup form on your website that requires a user to enter their name, email address and confirm that they wish you to contact them.

By ensuring that a user opt-in to your email communications you are not only ensuring legal compliance, but you are also ensuring that each contact on your email list is a pre-qualified prospective customer.

Avoid Spam Filters

Nearly all ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) have rigorous spam protection in place to help trap and reduce unsolicited email messages before they reach a customers inbox.

There are lots of different criteria that these filters use to identify an email message as spam, but they generally rank each individual email by these differing criteria’s and then if that email achieves a rating about a specific level then it is automatically flagged up as spam and deleted.

To stop this from happening to your email communications ensure that you don’t use words such as “Free”, “£££”, “Save” or “Discount” in the subject line and content of your emails. These, and many like them, are used regularly by spammers and as such you are likely to be flagged up as one such spammer if you use them.

Personalize Your Emails

It doesn’t take much to do this, as most email software allows you to send to a distribution list with an option of how each email recipient is addressed.

Receiving an email addressed to you… your own name …is much more personal than a “Dear Subscriber”, and it immediately creates an emotional bond between you and the recipient.

Improve Conversion

Research shows that by including text links in bold, blue and underlined have a much higher click-through rate than using banners and buttons. So, keep it simple.

Simple Unsubscribe

Make it easy for your recipient to unsubscribe from your emails. Over time people turn off from what you are saying, and your emails become irrelevant. When this happens there is little point in sending them your communications, as they do no good, and in the eyes of the recipient become spam messages (even when they have given you permission to contact them). As such, ensuring that there is a quick and easy way to unsubscribe allows you to keep your email campaign legal and as effective as possible.

Repeat Email Communications

It has been proven by thorough research over the years that repeat communications work better than single ones.

If you are sending an email telling your list about a special offer then you are likely to receive only a small amount of interaction from your first email. A second email increased that interaction. A third email significantly increases that interaction. And in many cases a 4th and 5th email can see increases of up to 300% in the interaction seen previously.

Stay Consistent

The look and feel of your emails should stay the same on each email, and should be sent at roughly the same day and time each week.

Using a simple template and email auto-scheduling will ensure this is achieved as best as possible.

Subject Line

When someone is checking their email inbox they dedicate approximately half a second to each email subject line to see what catches their attention.

With this in mind you should take great care over the subject line you choose to ensure maximum open rates.

Test Your Emails

Before sending your email en-mass ensure that you send yourself a test email to see how it displays, and to ensure that all images and links are working as they should.

Nothing screams unprofessionalism more than receiving an email marketing communication that does not work.


Ensure that every email includes your signature. Not only does it look more professional and radiate a more personal touch, but it also significantly increases click-through rates.

Your signature or footer should also include your registered address and contact details to comply with email communication laws.