Make your website design easy to use

If you run a business website of any kind then there is one key thing that needs to happen once you have attracted a visitor to the site. You need to convert them in some way.

A conversion could be as simple as clicking a link, signing up for a mailing list, contacting you, or even making an actual cash purchase.

Sadly, many commercial website designs fail to make it easy for a visitor to make that all-important conversion.

A well designed website should make it quick and easy for 100% of its visitors to make that conversion, yet so many websites fail. But why? What are they doing wrong?

Lets take a look at some key aspects that every website should work to perfect in order to significantly improve website conversion rates:


Believe it or not making a website design accessible is now a legal obligation in many countries. Despite this, there are huge amounts of inaccessible websites still being created each and every day.

Depending on how inaccessible your website is it can affect your sales, as visitors find the site almost impossible to use and simple go elsewhere, and also end up recommending one of your competitors to their friends too.

A typical example of an inaccessible website could be losing up to 10% of potential sales due to this very problem. A REALLY inaccessible website could mean that it is not even indexed by search engines meaning you could potentially lose up to 100% of your potential sales.

Web Browsers

Not everyone uses Internet Explorer you know. When designing a website it needs to be compatible with all kinds of web browser. The common, other than IE, are Firefox, Safari and Chrome. There are also many others out they’re not as well know.

It never appears to occur to many website design professionals that the reason why a website has so few visitors is that essentially the site is broken on many browsers.

Your website could be losing as much as 20% of your potential sales through this problem alone.


When a user buys a product they add it to a shopping basket. How do they add it? They click a button or a link. But what happens when they cant find that button or link? Simple, they go elsewhere.

There are many users that are still very uncomfortable with scrolling, and as such the content “above the fold” is still massively important. Despite this there are still many website designs out there that have tiny, unnoticeable buttons and links hidden at the bottom of pages, making it hard for visitors to do that simple action of clicking your “Buy Now” button.

A simple change in positioning and the boldness of such buttons and links can improve conversion by as much as 30%. What is a 30% increase in sales worth to you?


Many users want to educate themselves about their potential purchase before they make it. If one of your visitors wants to find out more, can they?

You need to make it massively obvious where a user needs to go to find out the technical info on your products. Is it a linked web page? Is it a PDF file they need to download? Or do they need to contact you directly.

For your site to be successful you have got to think about your users first. Don’t design a website that works for you, but instead put yourself into your visitors shoes. What do they want? What do they need? How do they typically use a website? All this info can be found through simple research, and even through asking your existing customers directly.

Believe it or not, as much as 100% of potential sales can be lost through poor usability.

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