5 Outstanding Website Designs

Here at Knavesmire IT we love to shout about our own work, but we also like to recognize outstanding work by others too, and that’s why we’ve put together our top 5 Outstanding Website Designs that we absolutely love at the moment.

1. Moo.com

Moo.comWe love Moo, and who doesn’t! They first popped up on our radar on Flickr a good few years ago now, offering mini business cards with your own images printed on them, and a different one on every card too.

Needless to say they are still going strong and have a great selection of products that has been added to the portfolio.

We love the website because it is so easy to use! As soon as you land on the homepage you know exactly where you are and what they offer. They have mixed a solid brand with key visual artwork that really makes them stand out from the crowd.

The site is easy to navigate, is not overbearing on the eyes (we hate busy pages) and has a brilliant approach to copywriting that makes you feel like you know them personally.

2. Dorsetcereals.co.uk

Dorset CerealsAhh, their approach to web design is refreshingly brilliant. We love how they have taken their key brand image and built the site content around it. The wood cladding background with carved out logo produces a relaxed and homely feel to the site, and their colourful approach to navigation intrigues us to the point we just have to click.

An animated approach to the main feature draws your attention and encourages engagement, and their iconic “Spin the Bottle” online game just makes you want to keep clicking and clicking and clicking.

3. Innocentdrinks.co.uk

Innocent DrinksInnocent Drinks have used White Space to perfection, not to mention using only key messages on their home page.

The navigation is stupidly simple, the featured slider is simple, attractive, and delivers the core message of their brand.

Below the fold of the page there is a simple layout, a clever use of colour coding, and a simple yet very attractive graphic almost sub-consciously make you enter your email address to join the mailing list.


4. Zukrboutique.com

Zukr BoutiqueE-Commerce sites often get it wrong wrong wrong! But Zukr Boutique have nailed it.

Another beautiful example of White Space used to perfection, combined with a strong brand image, simple navigation structure, clever use of soft colours in the main feature graphics, and a simple and small selection of new arrival products.

All the basic info you need is included on the home page, and a below the fold navigation menu points the way to the rest of the info you may need.

We love the testimonials block showing what their customers think… works so well in backing up the brand personality, and it’s great to see them promoting all their social media profiles too, without being too in-your-face about it.

5. Superjam.co.uk

SuperJamNow, this is a fairly new favorite of ours. As we saw with the Innocent and Zukr sites SuperJam makes good use of white space, and again has a strong main feature rotating banner to grab your attention as soon as you hit the site.

Oddly for us, below the fold of the site there isn’t much there, but it is the brilliant use of the English Language that grabbed our attention, for example, we just had to read “Jam Boy’s Blog”.

When navigating the rest of the site it really is about as simple as you can get. There is no overload of information. You are spoon fed just enough to make you either want to buy, or want to get in touch to find out more.

This could be a site that some won’t agree with us on, but we love it!

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