5 Free Web Marketing Ideas

In order for your business to thrive online visitor traffic is essential. The larger the volume of traffic the more likely you are to make a conversion into a paying customer, and the greater the likelihood of your content being shared by other websites and social media etc.

Many people have a misconception that web marketing means forking out hundreds of pounds every month, but what they don’t realize is that to get started there are a few simple but highly effective things you can do yourself before you hire a professional web marketing specialist.

1. Use OpenSource

OpenSource is essentially free. If you don’t already have a blog attached to your website then you should consider installing some form of OpenSource content management system such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal.

WordPress especially is easy to install and takes literally minutes to configure into a fully-functioning blog, including design and layout customization.

Start posting content relevant to your line of business or specialization and importantly – post regularly. This is a great way of attracting search engine interest and improving your search rankings, but also it’s the perfect way to show your visitors that you practice what you preach.

2. Google Places

This is a free service by the search giant Google that allows you to create your own online page with key information about your business such as name, location, telephone number, opening hours, web address and even what exactly you offer.

It takes a short while to get your listing put together and there is a verification process to follow, but once your listing is live you can start showing in search results for your line of business in your local area.

It’s a great way to achieve great search engine rankings for customers in your local area searching for exactly what you have to offer.

3. Google Analytics

We preach about this all the time. Google Analytics is a commercial grade statistics tracking and monitoring solution that has absolutely no cost attached to it what-so-ever. It’s free. Completely free.

You can gain valuable information about the habits of your visitors that allows you to adapt your online actions to improve traffic, engagement and conversion.

4. Domains and Hosting

Forget using large multi-national hosting providers. Use smaller local providers as you will receive better service and increased reliability. Plus, hosting on local servers can positively impact your search engine rankings for your local area.

Usually, smaller more localized providers often provide simple one-click-installs on OpenSource Software such as WordPress as well as other stats tracking software and cool tools such as forums.

5. Get great links from other sites

When other sites (already indexed on Google – and trustworthy ones) link to yours it build a bit of a picture in terms of your trustworthiness and relevance that Google uses to work out how high your listing places on searches.

Requesting links from sites can help, but registering for free online directories and commenting on relevant blog posts is a great way to build these links naturally.


Web Marketing doesn’t have to cost you the earth, in fact it doesn’t have to cost you at all until you can afford to hire a professional Web Marketing Specialist. When you spend good money on high quality web design services you need to make the effort to market your website online, otherwise your web design investment will have been wasted.

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