Domain Name Price Increases

Back in November 2015, Nominet, the company responsible for all .UK domains, declared that it would be raising its wholesale domain prices and removing the multi-year discount. These changes are taking place on Tuesday, 1 March, and will put Nominet prices on par with international registries and their domain prices.

Russell Haworth, CEO of Nominet, said in a statement:

“We’re committed to running a first-class service for .UK registrants, including our renowned customer service, and we’re doing more than ever before to ensure the .UK space is safe and trusted home for all. But costs have risen considerably since we last changed the price, and we need to compete in a promotion-driven industry.”

Because Nominet are raising their prices, we have to raise our prices. From 1 March, the prices will be £8.50 per year for, and extensions.

.UK domains will not be affected.

On the same date the price of our .com domains will also increase to £15.00 per year.

Unfortunately this price increase is unavoidable, but we will endeavour to keep our price at the lowest possible point for our customers.

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